William Faerber


About William Faerber

Will Faerber is a Master Horseman who studied extensively in Portugal with Nuno Oliveira whom he considers to be his greatest influence.

William Faerber

William Faerber

He has competed in Eventing, Jumping and Dressage as well as coaching his students to regional and state championships including Horse of the Year awards.  He competed on the prestigious Florida Dressage circuit for 3 years where he and his horses were consistent winners.

He has been training professionally for over 40 years and was awarded his Silver Medal on a horse that was scheduled to be euthanized, it was so dangerous and unmanageable. A testament to a style of training that considers each horse an individual with different needs.

“Horses should be our partners, not our enemies yet the majority of what we see today is an adversarial relationship between horse and rider.  Regardless of which discipline you observe there seems to be a need for a return to Classical Foundation Training which is simply a system developed to gymnastically improve a horse’s ability to carry a rider and hold itself in balance.  Only when a horse has been taught to engage deeply from behind and push it’s back up under the rider can be truly balanced and at that point will it accept the rider’s aids without tension or resistance, performing on the weight of the reins.”


What you will learn at an Art2Ride Clinic

A system based on Classical principles and correct foundation work.

Your horse must be relaxed, rhythmical, impulsed, supple and engaged thru the back.  If the foundation work is correct the horse will be a pleasure to ride. Learn to take the resistance out of riding for your horse is a willing partner if given a chance.  There are no shortcuts and to force a horse into a frame is not going to develop lightness, harmony, balance and willingness.

The rider must also develop an understanding and feel for how they are influencing the horse. Your position and your own self carriage is reflected by the horse. The progressiveness of our system develops a rider’s skill based on feeling, the aids are an indication of what a rider wishes the horse to do, not a use of force. 

An Art2Ride Clinic focuses on making sure the foundation work is correct and that the horse is not being asked to hold himself in a frame he is not capable of, creating resistance. Once the foundation work is solid the horse is ready to progress, always maintaining the basic principle of relaxation, suppleness, connection and the horse engagement over the topline.

Regardless of what discipline you wish to do, this system will improve the horse physically and mentally.

Art2Ride Clinics are held internationally and throughout the US, a successful progression of horse and rider that brings a new level of understanding and harmony to your riding.

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