I will still be giving lessons, but I don’t feel comfortable being associated with Art2Ride.

I explained my reasons for leaving for all the people involved with the trainer program. Even though I did that, William Faerber invented an entirely different reason.

It is said that it is because of Kriemhild Morgenroth that I have left Art2Ride. William and his wife Karen (who is a PHS saddle fitter) are trying to discredit Kriemhild as a person as well as a saddle fitter.

And why would they do that? Think about it!! Wouldn’t it be nice if they could earn money on the European market?

I don’t like to talk badly about other people or discredit their business, but this is truly disappointing to me.

Leaving Is not a sudden decision. I have been thinking about this several times for different reasons. But it was the Art2Ride clinic we had in May that made me make up my mind.

I couldn’t recognize any of the training with my training. It was stressful, demanding, and not at all a pleasure to watch. I tried to tell myself that I was too sensitive, but then some spectators and our horse physiotherapist said that they would never let their horses be worked like this.

After the clinic, I told Kriemhild that I would leave the trainer program. Kriemhild told me to think about it and not make any sudden decisions. So the rumors are hilarious to me. But I did take her advice and stayed until I had thought it through.

I have known Kriemhild for 2,5 years, and she has become one of my dearest friends. Together with Palle, she has been my most significant support.

Everybody who has met Kriemhild knows what a kind and skilled person she is.

My reasons for leaving Art2Ride are many, but Kriemhild has nothing to do with it.

I don’t want my riders to think that a chair seat, wavering arms, sloppy reins and so on are okay as long as the horse is not well educated.

I don’t want to be involved in people who talk badly about other people just because they use a different method or because they are a competitor to their business.

Don’t think that we as Art2ride associate trainers learn anything. Our skills are solely due to previous experiences and in our own will to study in the theories available out there.

The training described on my website, is my way of doing things. That’s not similar to what I experienced at the Art2Ride clinic.

People are now asking me if it has something to do with the deep stretching of the horses and if I have found out that it is hurtful to the horses. No, the stretch itself is not harmful to the horse!! But if it is not done correctly for a given horse, it can be. We always have to be careful when doing something extreme. Some people will see massive improvements with their horses doing this, while others will be struggling and might even get their horses injured in the process.

Horses are built differently!! The approach getting the horse stretching and the way of using the stretch depends on the horse (and the rider). I think that in some cases it is damaging for the horse if people are trying to do this, just from seeing videos.

When I have some time left, I will try to write about this subject on my website.

I hope this post can clear things up and I wish that people will write to me before believing in rumors.

I wish everybody a beautiful day.