Loberg's Lebernol

Loberg's Lebernol

aka ​​Noller



Gelding Born in 2010 and is 166 cm.

Got Noller as a stallion

We got Noller as a three-year stallion and gelded him immediately. He had been on pasture with some 3 year old stallions for some time. However, he was right from the start a very trusting and the greatest charmer one can imagine.

Noller in 2013 just when we had gotten him home

Noller in 2013 just when we had gotten him home

Was easy to ride

We started training Noller in the spring of 2014. I rode him summer/autumn and gave him free winter over.

Noller was easy to ride, he never made trouble. But he's been very hard to get to relax. He's the first horse I've trained so little from the ground before I went on to ride. I should have done much more out of it, then I don't think I'd had quite the same problems.

Remind me of a friesian

He has always reminded me a little of a Friesian. Go around with high neck, high knee lift and without back. Therefore, from the beginning, I should have devoted a lot of time to teach him to stretch in the lunge and in hand, so I had taught him to work over his back before I began to ride him.

I have learned my lesson and I have had to do the work with him all over again.

Noller in 2014 just finished

Noller in 2014 just finished

Noller was the reason I found Art2Ride

Noller was the reason I found Art2Ride. He was very forward, did not relax and although I tried not to use the reins too much, he began to go behind the ticket. I couldn't get him to search down and forward without him starting to run. I felt his time became smaller and more hasty.

I could see that his back was not getting nicer and stronger to look at. I knew that I did something wrong and even though I had lessons on him, it did not help us at all.

It was Noller who made me think about things like how deep or high should a young horse go with his neck. What is good for the young horse. Should I make several transitions to make him relax. How would I actually get him to start using his back. For None of the things I had otherwise learned and have worked many horses out of seemed to work on him.

I used the winter 2015/2016 to read books and study the Internet to find a solution. I had it as if there were missing some pieces in the puzzle.

On the internet I found Art2Ride. In the beginning, I studied everything else too, but gradually I had watched so many aXNUMXr videos, so I started to be able to see a red thread throughout the whole process. It was as if it all suddenly fell into place and I knew it was the process we had to follow.

We started Art2Ride Training/Classical Foundation Training

I went on with the Art2Ride training of all the horses in March 2016. In the beginning I continued to ride him, combined with the lunging and work in hand. At one point I realize that I will have to train him primarily from the ground, at least for a time. I do so, but I can't get him to work relaxed in the lunge. If I tried to let him trot, he would most times just chase around with his head high. So the first long period he was almost only worked in walk often only in the lunge and in hand. After some time I combine it with riding in walk. I tried trotting off and on both in the lunge and later under rider, but went back to walk work again when he didn't relax.

Noller Spring 2017

Noller Spring 2017

Beginning to relax in the lunge line

It took over a year before I could start letting him trot in the lunge and could get something usable from it. To begin with, he just relaxes to much, so I don't think he's working actively enough from behind, but if I tried to drive him forward he started to run again.

For a time, therefore, I let him work slower than I actually wanted, but instead I asked him for a more active walk. His walk was also in the beginning very hectic, he was not working through the body. It was as if he went with short tense steps, but it also changed.

After some months in this way I begin to be able to ask for some more activity in the trot in the lunge. However, he still does not relax in trot under rider. Therefore, it is still mostly to walk work when I ride him.

Noller in walk July 2017

Noller in walk July 2017

The positive thing though is that I can see his back and musculature generally begin to change for the better.

New saddle

Along the way in all of this, I am also aware that I will have to get a proper saddle for him. So I don't really want to ride him very much in trot before I get a new saddle and I got so in July 2017. It gives a significant difference compared to how much he will suddenly stretch as we get the new saddle. He is still not completely relaxed in trot, but I feel we are very close and once it happe ns, I really think there will be speeding up in his development.

The day he earnestly starts to relax, so I think I'll get myself a horse with a great movement that will be a pleasure to ride.

Noller 2017