Korsgårds Regitse

Korsgårds Regitse

aka ​​Gitse



Mare born in 1998 she is 163 cm.

We got Regitse at the start of 2011

Regitse we got in the beginning of 2011. I would like to have a good experienced jumping horse and that I got. She had been gone a lot of jumping competitions and has gone as both Junior and young rider horse, among othe r Baltic cups. She has started a few 140 cm classes, but where she is strongest is in the 120 cm classes.

Regitse at riders Cup in 2012

Regitse at riders Cup in 2012

was slightly lazy

When we got her I thought she was to lazy, I couldn't get her to take a step unless I had Spurs on. However, this changed over time and she became a little more forward.

Fantastic teaching Horse

What was amazing for me was to try riding a jumping horse that was not completely wildly heated, which they often are. Gitse was always super cool in the jumping arena. She was in a way really easy. She had to be set at the right pace and you would otherwise just try to keep the same rhythm all the way around. I shouldn't try to short her in or make too many changes along the way, because then she didn't jump.

She taught me immensely much and has given me some really good rounds and many amazing experiences competing in show jumping.

She did not bother dressage

However she was not particularly amusing to ride in flat work, so the daily training was not always the most exciting. When I rode her home then I always concentrated just about supple her and I rode down on the field to canter to keep her in shape. When we shouldn't jump then she was hard to get to take contact on the bit. She would prefer to go high with her neck or behind the bit. And she was hard to get to work actively forward.

Registry at the award ceremony in 2013

Registry at the award ceremony in 2013


A dangerous corner in the arena

Some days she could look at a corner in the arena that was hugely dangerous and no matter how much I tried to act like nothing was wrong, she could go on find it dangerous. She has always had her nifty ideas, but most of them we have just laughed at.

Got problems with the legs

At the end of 2013 I begin to get a little trouble, Gitse starts to seem a little stiff in her front legs and I couldn't jump her once a week anymore. It was OK if it was every 3. Week, but I couldn't do both training and competitions.

I had periods where she gets trouble stepping through with the left hind and the vet can't find anything in her hind legs, he thinks it originates from the knee or the lower back.

Gitse hates vets and with her age I did not think she should be exposed to all sorts of studies and treatments when she otherwise seemed happy and satisfied in pasture.

Stopped jumping her

I thought it was to bad for her to continue to ride and especially jump and decide to try to get her pregnant, but failed.

Regitse in a jumping session

Regitse in a jumping session

Was retired

As she has always been a little difficult to ride in a dressage arena, I therefore decide to retire her. She is unfortunately getting quite fat after being retired.

Art2Ride/Classical Foundation Training

When I start the other horses up with Art2ride training in March 2016, I also start Regitse up again.

In the beginning she is hugely stiff, she has never stretch in the lunge line. Has always gone with her head high and she got side reins on, she just curled back. She also always cantered in a strange stiff four beat way. So there was plenty to work on when we started.

She managed to have about a year and a half without work, so we also had the stamina and weight to fight with. However, she was constantly getting better, it didn't go fast at any time, but I could constantly see improvements.

Regitse to rally in 2013

Regitse to rally in 2013

Work from the ground

I worked her from the ground for over a year before I started riding her. I could see at her back develop, she is 19 years now, but the back is nicer than when she was 15 years old. And I think she can be built up more.

The biggest problem is that she seems stiff in her front leg and that she still steps shorter with the left hind leg. I sense, however, that it is better when she is worked a lot in walk. Some days she is almost moving equally with the hind legs and other days it is as if it's coming back a little again.

But no matter what she is much more supple today over her topline than she has been in all the time I have had her.

Regitse trained for hand in July 2017

Regitse trained for hand in July 2017

She makes progress

She stretches really fine now and want´s to take contact with the rein. However, she has to stretch almost right down to the ground and I think that is a strength issue.

However, I will let her go as deep as possible until she does not work irregularly in her movements. She has also started to stretch in canter in the lunge line, but I have doubts she subsequently then enters shorterly with the left hind legs again, so I test it every now and then.

I ride her mostly in walk, but am now starting to trot her a few minutes almost every time I ride.



She seems so happy

Regitse Crotch in August 2017

Regitse Crotch in August 2017

She seems so happy to work a little bit again, but unfortunately I think she is too worn to be able to jump.

But it doesn't matter now that it seems like she enjoys being worked in the arena.

In the past she was just hard to get to cooperate, but she is not today.

I enjoy training her

I actually enjoy training with her, so I really hope her legs can cope with it, if not then we must stick to the walk work.