Noller's new Morgenroth Premium

We had the most amazing days with Kriemhild
Yesterday, Noller's new Morgenroth Premium saddle was adapted. It is by far the best saddle I have ever sat in. I have had a lot of trouble sitting in balance when riding Noller. I have often suffered from back pain afterwards, because I have been seated and tense up. Obviously, it didn't really help me to get Noller to relax.

With this saddle, Kriemhild has the opportunity to make the boom after the horse's back. The boom is made so that the rider will sit in the correct position on the horse. And what a difference it makes, it's actually totally crazy
I feel that I can now really adjust to my setup without clamping down at the same time. And if Noller rushes or goes against his hand, I still won't be shaken off balance
This saddle is really unique and I am simply so happy

Kriemhild Morgenroth Saddlery