Purpose of the page

There are several reasons why I have made this website. Firstly, I would like to make Art2Ride more widespread in Denmark. I have learned incredibly much after I found Art2Ride and began to train the horses based on these principles.

Amaze - the horse with the many diagnoses.

Amaze – the horse with the many diagnoses.

One of our horses, which the vet had said would never be a riding horse, can be ridden today, because of Art2Ride. Therefore, on the page you will find a lot of information on Art2Ride

You will also find a description of our horses and the problems there have been. I will by using pictures and video show the training of our own horses and try to explain what I am doing and why.

I would also like to talk about the importance of a good saddle and the problems I`ve had with saddles. And I'll tell why I've chosen just the type of saddle I have.

Peter Horobin Geneva

Peter Horobin Geneva

In addition, there will be a page where I sell used saddles and other equipment.

My hope with the website is that others will be able to see how simple it can be to train the horse and that even horses with diagnoses can become well functioning happy horses. And that some people might just be contemplating ones more before they put down their horse because of an X-ray.