No Back Pain


Why this site is called ' No Back Pain '

As a horse owner, I have always been very aware of how my horses ' backs look and how they evolve. I've always checked them for soreness and I've been very frustrated when a horse has been sore or tense in its back. What was the reason, the saddle, the riding or something else.

Lucky Lady aka Stacia, Little Girl

Lucky Lady aka Stacia, Little Girl

I have two slipped disk myself and I know how terrible it is to be in pain and how limited one can be in his movements.

Because I have back problems, I can not help thinking about how the horse must feel when it is sore in its back and at the same time has to carry a rider.

I know how long it can take to get pain free and how important it is to keep my back strong and use it properly all the time.

It is exactly the same with our horses. The horse must be worked in a way that develops the topline so that it can carry a rider without getting hurt.

If the horse is sore, it will some how compensate and then injuries can occur.

Therefore, it means an incredible deal to me that the horse has absolutely no pain in the back, because only then can I make sure that it gets a strong and well-developed topline - Hence the name.

Lucky Lady begins to develop a nice top line.

Lucky Lady begins to develop a nice top line.

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