My passion

My passion is, through training, to develop the horses so that they get a super strong topline. This gives happier horses with better movement and it will be easier for the horse to carry the rider. Often it is also possible through this training to bring incapacitated horses back to work.

Developing the horses in this way, however, presents some problems with the saddle. With the training, the shoulders of the horse become wider and the area behind the shoulders is filled with muscles. The horse will need more space around the wither. If it does not get that, then the horse will not develop. The saddle must therefore be able to be adjusted in such a way that the shoulder can keep rotating unobstructed. In addition, the saddle tree must be able to withstand the many adjustments it may make.

Morgenroth Premium Saddle

Morgenroth Premium Saddle

It has been a nightmare for me to find saddles for the horses. I did not dare to contact a saddlefitter again, as I generally thought the saddles were fitted too tight. That's why I started investigating the market myself. For periods, I have spent more time studying saddle trees and saddle fitting, than I used to train the horses. 

Kriemhild Morgenroth

It was therefore a relief when I, in May 2017, came into contact with Kriemhild Morgenroth.

Kriemhild Morgenroth worked with the Peter Horobin saddles for a number of years, and was very fond of these saddles, though she occasionally came out to horses where these saddles would not work. It annoyed her and so she started designing her own saddle, with the help of a very skilled and recognized saddler.

In 2019, this saddle came on the market. It's called Morgenroth Premium.

My Morgenroth Premium saddle

My Morgenroth Premium saddle

Morgenroth Premium

Morgenroth Premium is a complete costume made saddle. That is, everything is made to measure on horse and rider. But what does that mean? This means that the tree is made according to the horse's curve in the back, and based on the length of the wither. The gullet plate is shaped after the horse's shoulder so that the shoulder can rotate freely. As the tree is made according to the horse's physique, it means that the rider can be placed in the "balance point" just behind the wither. The panels can be placed with a distance that fits the width as well as the length of the individual horse. The saddle is also built according to the rider, so that the rider get the correct length of the saddle flaps. Various types of knee support, cantle design, colors, swarowski, etc. can be selected. The possibilities are endless. And in addition, the saddle can be adjusted over and over in the gullet plate if the horse should be wider or narrower.

Costume made

Many brands claim that their saddles are “Costume made.” But in fact, there are only 3 saddle brands that are completely Costume made and Morgenroth Premium is one of them. The Peter Horobin saddles are not included in this category. Many of the brands on the market have quite a few options for ordering the saddles to fit a given horse. But only 3 brands are doing everything from measurements, even the tree..

In many cases, you can find a product that has a tree that can work on your horse. But it can sometimes be difficult and in some cases impossible. This is where the real Costume made saddles come into play. Where there can be problems, for example, is when we have a horse with a long wither. Here it requires the tree to place the rider just behind the wither, but at the same time the gullet plate should be placed just behind the shoulder. That is, the front of the tree must be made longer. At the same time, it should be possible to make the gullet plate in a shape so that the shoulder can rotate freely. It is not easy to find a saddle that can handle this, but Morgenroth Premium can.

Peter Horobin

Many have asked me why it should not be possible with the Peter Horobin saddles. So I will try to explain that as best I can.

The Peter Horobin saddles have a tree that can be changed in width and shape in the gullet plate. You can get a longer tree depending on the size of the rider. But the tree cannot be changed in the curve over the back of the horse and thus you cannot get a tree that places the rider at a certain point relative to the horse. For example, if the rider needs an 18 ″ saddle, then the deepest point in the saddle will be farther back compared to a 17 ″ saddle, as you simply extend the tree further. If the horse does not fit the curve in the tree, you correct it in the flocking, just as you do with a lot of saddles. This is quite fine for small adjustments, but not if there is a big difference between the horse's back curve and the tree.

Obviously, when making adjustments in the flocking, you move the rider further away from the back of the horse. Therefore, when trying the Morgenroth Premium saddle, you will feel that you are really close to the horse.

The first ride on Noller in my new Morgenroth Premium

The first ride on Noller in my new Morgenroth Premium

The difference between Morgenroth Premium and Peter Horobin

I own both Peter Horobin saddles and Morgenroth Premium. I have been asked what a difference I feel. Both types of saddles are really good, but it is clear that it just adds the extra when the saddle becomes completely custom made. The Morgenroth Premium saddle is just extremely stable on the horse, even on the wide horses I have. The benefits to the rider with the Morgenroth Premium saddle are many, at least for me. It is narrower at the twist for the rider, which clearly makes it easier to sit properly, whereas the Peter Horobin saddle was very wide when adapted to wide horses. It is from the start of extremely soft and comfortable to sit in. The flocking can be kept much softer, for the sake of the horse, as there is no need to adjust so much via it to make the saddle fit properly.

Among other differences that have nothing to do with the function of the saddle, it can be mentioned that the delivery on Morgenroth Premium is almost halved compared to the Peter Horobin saddles. This despite the fact that everything is costum made, but it is because everything is made in Germany and the leather is from Germany. In addition, the Morgenroth Premium saddle is much more color stable. My dark brown Peter Horobin saddle is almost black today, in which against my Morgenroth Premium retains its dark brown color.

You want to preserve the beautiful color

You want to preserve the beautiful color

Many have said to me; "Well, when it is made for a particular horse, then it can not later be used on another horse." Well whether you take a "standard" tree and change the width to make it fit another horse or whether you take a custom made tree and change the width makes no difference. The question is whether the tree is so close to the horse's shape that you can correct the last things in the flocking and the gullet plate.

Morgenroth Classic

Kriemhild has subsequently made another saddle, called the Morgenroth Classic. This saddle is not custom made like the Premium saddle but is more in the style of the Peter Horobin saddle adjustabilities. That is, the shape and width of the gullet plate can be changed. The chamber between the panels can be made wide and the panels are wide to give a wider and better weight distribution. The seat is made so that it is easier for rider to get "around" the horse and easier to sit relaxed and correct.

Morgenroth Classic / photo by Alexander Morgenroth

Morgenroth Classic / photo by Alexander Morgenroth

We recommend Kriemhild Morenroth

Ever since Kriemhild began adjusting the saddles to our horses, they have been constantly evolving muscle-wise. I must admit that I have never seen horses develop as much as ours did. It is a very interesting and thought-provoking development to follow.

Today our horses are uncommonly muscular and that is despite the fact that we are still far from the goal.

Today I help others develop their own horses in the same way we have developed ours. And I know, therefore, that many of those I help at some point will face the same saddle problems that I have had. That's why it's a relief for me to be able to recommend a saddle fitter that I trust 200 percent - Kriemhild Morgenroth.