Like most, I want my horses to enjoy the ridden work

Like most, I want my horses to enjoy the ridden work. If the saddle doesn't fit that won't happen !!
The horse will not develop its muscles correctly either if the saddle does not fit.

When I started riding with saddles from Peter Horobin Saddlery I was shocked to see how much the horses began to fill with muscles especially behind their shoulders. Luckily these saddles have the unique #stridefree tree, which not only gives the horse a lot of room for the shoulders but also makes it possible to have it adjusted in infinity. I don't know what I would have done without these saddles and Kriemhild Morgenroth to fit them.
Since I got my first Peter Horobin saddle I've been recommending these saddles because I saw the change on my own horses. I would never ever use any other saddle on my horses !!
Being part of the #stridefreesquad is a great honor and pleasure because I truly love everything about these saddles.

And thank you Palle for always making us look good.