Adjustment of my Peter Horobin saddle


My amazing Peter Horobin saddle

I have now had my fantastic Peter Horobin Geneva saddle in ten months. It is still the best purchase I have ever made. I have used it to all my four horses without any problems. It was fitted to the widest and shortest of them. In the beginning, I had to use a Thinline pad with shims for the three other horses.

The saddle has been made wider once and has been fine until recently. I discovered that it started to form a bridge on two of the horses. I was in doubt if it was because they had become even wider or if it was due to the filling in the saddle. 

Kriemhild Morgenroth to Denmark

Kriemhild, me and Peter Horobin Geneva;)

Kriemhild, me and Peter Horobin Geneva ;)

Unfortunately, Gyde Wessel does not drive to Denmark anymore, but luckily Kriemhild Morgenroth would have a trip to Norway and Sweden. She would therefore come by on her way home.

I have been looking forward to this like a child. Both to get my saddle adjusted, but also to meet Kriemhild. It is Kriemhild who made it possible for me to get a Peter Horobin saddle. 

Kriemhild has a vast knowledge of saddles, but also about horse training. She is educated as a trainer in Germany and were giving lessons until the saddles began to take too much of her time. 

The filling needed to be adjusted

Kriemhild adjusts the filling in the saddle.

Kriemhild adjusts the filling in the saddle.

Kriemhild first checked the saddle on Noller for which it was fitted. It turned out that it was the filling that needed to be adjusted. This is done on site. I was very impressed to see Kriemhild work with the filling. When she finished, the saddle was laid on Noller again and wiped - perfect fit. 

Test riding

Noller is tested after 14 days without riding.

Noller is tested after 14 days without riding.

Kriemhild, however, would like me to just try riding in the saddle so we were sure I had the right feeling. Before it was corrected, I had the feeling that I had to compensate by leaning forward. I had therefore not been riding Noller for about fourteen days before this visit.

He had begun to tense up, did not walk through his body properly and he did not really want to stretch. That's why I stopped riding him. 

When I got up I could immediately notice the difference. I did not have to tighten my lumbar. As he walked forward, I immediately received a positive response from Noller. Now he was relaxed and had nothing against stretching. 

Horses can respond to small changes

Kriemhild talks about how small changes can affect the horse and how important it is that the rider can sit in balance.

Kriemhild talks about how small changes can affect the horse and how important it is that the rider can sit in balance.

I talked to Kriemhild about it, because I thought it was a huge difference in terms of "how little" it was. Kriemhild said that horses that are used to wearing a saddle that is comfortable for them will respond even at the slightest change. It is thought-provoking.

Great service

Once again, I was also exposed to the wonderful service that Kriemhild wanted to check the saddle on the other horses as well. It turned out that the saddle is now very nice on three of the horses, so today it is only 20 year-old Regitse that has to wear Thinline or LeMieux with shims. 

How is that possible

Peter Horobins Stride Free Saddlebom

Peter Horobins Stride Free Saddlebom

Some will probably wonder how this is possible. But it is possible, and of course, my horses are not that different. It's not like I have a Shire and an a pony. They all have very straight backs, wide across the wither and the angle of their shoulders does not differ very much from each other. In addition, the saddle tree also makes it a lot easier to make it work for more than just one horses. I think you should see it with your own eyes before you will believe it. 

Cheaper solution in the long run

And of course I'm happy. For me, this is a much cheaper solution compared to having four different saddles, all of which must be checked regularly. Not to mention the cleaning. Which I also received praise for. I'm very proud, because I'm not the big fan of polishing harness. But I'm taking good care of my saddle though. However, I'm glad I do not have four saddles to clean :D

Perfect for people with more than one horse

Such a saddle would definitely be perfect for people with several horses, trainers, sales stables, etc.  The saddle can be adjusted over and over again. The tree allows the horse's shoulder to rotate back and there are a number of adjustment options on this saddle.

Saddle Footprint

Saddle Footprint

A great evening

I had a really amazing evening. Kriemhield is so sweet, skilled and thorough. When you meet people who really know what they are doing, one can not help learning something. I was quite high the rest of the evening. 

And in the future I will make sure to have the saddle checked on a regular basis even if I do not feel anything has changed. Now I know how much, even small changes affect the horse.

Thank you for a wonderful evening Kriemhild. And thanks to Peter Horobin's saddlery for making these amazing saddles.