Oh we are many who are tired of this rainy autumn. The lanes are so wet at times that they become impossible to use. Susanne has kept Cody going by riding him a little on the road and then training on the track the days when it has been possible. But it is clear that it becomes less exercise when the weather is like this and you do not have a riding house. Many people get a little frustrated that they can't get trained so much and so am I. But maybe we shouldn't be so upset.

Many years ago, I talked to a saddler about why we had so many saddle and training problems with our horses. He believed that part of the problems were because more and more people had access to riding houses and thus had their horses in continuous training. The horses therefore did not get more breaks sometimes when the weather was bad.

I've been thinking about this ever since and have been trying to calm it down when I've had to give up training due to the weather. The funny thing is that if the horses are first built up muscle-wise and these muscles are built up without undue tension, then they will not disappear as straight. If the horse is otherwise able to stay on a fold, it will take many months before the muscles disappear. The "real" muscles do not disappear, but muscles built in tension will fade away when the horse is allowed to go on vacation.

But back to Susanne and Cody !! We tried the trot for the first time under a rider. We have let Cody stretch when he has been lunged in the trot, so of course he should also be allowed to stretch while riding. It is clearly cross-border to extend the reins when you have not trotted the horse for almost a year. But as soon as Susanne did, Cody began to relax. It was so cool to see.

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