What is Art2Ride

The foundation must be correct before building walls.

That's how I look at art2ride. The foundation in art2ride is a horse that works over its back. Before getting up on the horse, the horse must be able to work over its back without any rider on. This is taught through the work in hand and lunging. Then it will learn to do the same under the rider later on.

I teach Noller to work over his back by using the work in hand.

I teach Noller to work over his back by using the work in hand.

The horse must always work over its back.

In all we do it is about the horse continuing to work over its back. If you try something and the horse looses its back/hollows, you go one step back. That means, if the horse, for example, stops working over its back while cantering, you go back to the trot work and make the horse stronger in this work. Then later on you can try the canter again. You never keep doing something that the horse is having trouble with.

It does not make sense to work the horse if it does not work over its back. Every time you do something with the horse where it does not work over its back, you break down more than you build up.

It's a simple system.

Working the horses in this way eliminates all the frustration in the training. The horses will be happy and cooperative, as they will never be pushed for something they can not handle. And as a rider, you get a simple system to work out from where you can see the red thread throughout the entire course of education.

Even though Art2Ride is also called classical foundation training, it's not only the basic training of the horse it is used for. It just means that in all that you do, you continue to maintain the foundation.

Art2Ride can help you and your horse all the way to the goal. All it takes is patience and practice to see and feel what's right for the horse.