Art2Ride – Classical Foundation Training

The founders of Art2Ride are William Faerber and Karen Loshbaugh. The training method is nothing new or something they have invented. What is different is the way things are explained. Will and Karen have managed to explain how to train a horse from A to Z in an easily understandable way.

Art2Ride is about teaching the horse to use its body properly so it will be able to carry its rider without getting harmed. This is taught through work in hand and lunging. You begin to ride the horse when it appears to be ready for it, i.e. when the horse works over the back in the lunge line.

Amaze stretching in the lunge

Amaze stretching in the lunge

Art2Ride is an incredible horse-friendly way to train and once you master the principles, it is also incredibly easy to follow.

On Art2Rides Youtube channel, you can see videos of William Faerber, Karen Loshbaugh, their students, associates trainers and all those who send videos for criticism. It is possible to send videos of one's own training and thus get help. It costs 100 $ if Will will comment and 50 $ if an associate trainer comment. This teaching takes place in English.

It's a good idea to watch a lot of the videos before starting your own horse. The more videos you see, the better understanding you get.

On Art2Rides website You can read more about the training and about Will, Karen and the various associate trainers.

If you are in doubt if you are doing the right thing or if you have questions, then there is a page on Facebook called Art2Ride Fans & Followers . Here is a lot of sweet people who like to help the best they can.